COVID19 UPDATE – The Story Teller’s Toolbox has been adapted for remote / online delivery and is a perfect program for these difficult times. Complete with a large range of exercises and open ended tasks The Story Teller’s Toolbox offers many hours of student engagement beyond the initial program delivery.

Help your students to tell better stories 

Storytelling is what we, as humans, ‘do’.

From time immemorial we have sat around fires telling tales, put our children to bed with fairy tales, and generally used stories to make sense of our lives, our world, and indeed places beyond our world.

Being able to tell an engaging, meaningful, powerful story is a wonderful skill for anyone to have –  especially students.

Yet many students struggle to tell a good story. They may have some great ideas in their head – but building them into an solid story can be a difficult task.

Our Storyteller’s Toolbox program can help you change all of that.

It can give your students the skills and the confidence they need to create well written, engaging stories.

The Storyteller’s Toolbox will help students to:

  • Better understand the universal plot structures that underpin good stories

  • Create strong, unique and purposeful characters, based on time honoured character archetypes

  • Develop greater confidence in their storytelling, and broader writing skills

  • Better understand and analyse stories, films and novels in their curriculum

  • Write their own unique, powerful and engaging stories

  • Create higher quality plays, scripts and videos

The Storyteller’s Toolbox is inspired by the work of Joseph Campbell, one of the most influential story telling experts of all time.

The program draws on practical examples used in popular stories such as Star Wars, The Lion King, Harry Potter and more.

The Storyteller’s Toolbox comes complete with teacher’s notes and a range of classroom exercises making it perfect for follow on assignments or for building a unit of work around.

It can be delivered as a one-off lecture style presentation to a full year level cohort, or as a multi-session, more in depth program for large or small groups.

Separate, tailored versions are available for Senior Years, Middle School, and Upper Primary students.

The program can be a powerful and enjoyable addition to your English, Literacy, Drama, Media or English Literature curriculum.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help your students tell better stories!

To book a Storyteller’s Toolbox presentation or for further information, please contact us today.