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Can maths save the planet?

Engage your students by showing them what happens when the most important issue facing the planet, meets the most important subject on the planet – mathematics!

The Maths and Climate Change Show is a unique live incursion that shows students why maths is essential to help us understand climate change and more importantly provides the positive message of how maths empowers us to take the action we need now to ensure a better future tomorrow. 

However the show is more than just a talk about maths and climate change, it combines live performance, audience interaction, fun and humour and stunning visuals into a unique maths based incursion.

The Maths and Climate Change Show can substantially boost student engagement and interest in mathematics, and is a powerful way to help answer the perennial student question of: Why do we need to study maths?’

The Maths and Climate Change Show addresses the key proficiency strands of understanding, problem-solving and reasoning across the three content strands of number and algebra, measurement and geometry and statistics and probability.

During the show students will see how numbers, graphs and measurement tell the story of climate change, how maths can help save the forests and the oceans, the beauty of maths in nature, how climate heroes such as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough use maths to make a difference, how maths underpins the technological developments we need to fight climate change, the numbers and statistics we need to know to make a positive difference in the future, and much more.

The performance is highly interactive, with substantial audience involvement, and will leave students wanting to know more about the relationship between maths and climate change.

The show comes complete with a resource kit and lesson notes for optional follow on activities that can be built into a unit of work.

Two versions of the show are available, one designed for Junior Secondary students, and one designed for Primary Students, with tailored versions for different ages.

The Maths and Climate Change Show is perfect for a Maths Day activity, a Maths Week activity or as a unique maths incursion at any time of the year.

Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to have your students see maths from a new and exciting perspective.

To book a performance at your school, or to find out more about The Maths and Climate Change Showcontact us today.

We are proud to partner with the Mathematical Associations of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia as the show’s principal sponsors.

Principal Sponsors


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What you’ve said about our range of maths based incursions:

‘Our students really enjoyed The Maths Show. The presentation was absolutely what we were looking for to engage and educate our Year 7s and 8s. 45 minutes was a perfect amount of time. The performer (Patrick) was funny and thoroughly entertaining. The “follow-up” material helped to make the show even more relevant. We plan to book The Maths Show again.’ Vanessa Rich Tintern Grammar

‘That was the best Maths lesson ever!’  Student, Presentation College Windsor

The show was engaging and interesting. The performer developed a wonderful rapport with the students. Jenny Merret, Head of Maths, Yarra Valley Grammar

The Nitty Gritty:

The Maths and Climate Change Show is presented in-house at your school.

The production runs for approximately 50 minutes.

An ideal size audience is 80 – 120 students, but the production can be delivered to smaller groups, or to up to 200 students in an appropriate venue.

We prefer to preload our AV items onto your system, and you will need to provide a screen for them to be projected upon. A microphone may be required for larger venues.

Discounted pricing for The Maths Show is available to M.A.V., M.A.S.A., M.A.W.A. Q.A.M.T., and M.A.N.S.W. members.

To find out how we can have your students see climate change from a different angle, and bring maths alive for you in a way you will never forget, contact us today! 


To book your performance or to find out more about The Maths and Climate Change Show, contact us today!