A tutoring program that helps you write brilliant essays – every time!

Want to write better essays?

Being able to write a high quality essay is an essential skill for any student looking to maximise their ATAR score.

Yet many students have difficulties delivering strong essays, either lacking a structured approach to their writing, unsure of what to say, or struggling under time pressures or exam nerves. 

Our Essay Experts™ tutoring program can help you fix these problems – giving you the skills and self belief you need to deliver high quality essays, each and every time you sit down to write.


Why Choose Essay Experts?

Essay Experts teaches you a simple, reliable and powerful step-by-step system that you can use every time you write an essay, regardless of the subject.

Delivered by our specially trained tutors Essay Experts can help you to:

  • Develop strong writing skills you can use in every subject that requires you to write an essay

  • Write essays faster and more efficiently, to save you time and effort

  • Get better marks for your essays

  • Improve your chances of getting into your first preference university course

  • Stop procrastinating when its time to sit down to write

  • Conquer your fears of writing

  • Develop the self-belief and skill set required to write high quality essays as you move into university and onto a career


What we will teach you: 

Essay Experts will take you step by step through each stage of the essay writing process, teaching you how to:

Prepare for your essay – including how to read faster and more efficiently and how to take better notes using the Cornel Note Taking System.

Answer the specific essay topic
you have been given – to avoid losing marks for irrelevant material or for failing to address all the elements of the question.

Generate brilliant, persuasive, powerful content
using brainstorming, mind mapping and creative thinking techniques.

Organise your content
around themes and topics so your essay will be coherent and well structured.

Plan your essay
– so that your essay can virtually ‘write itself’. This is one of the most important, yet underrated elements of essay writing.

Write a powerful and persuasive introduction
to your essay – every time, with great ease!

Build body paragraphs
easily and efficiently using the P.E.E.L. system.

Write a conclusion
that will ensure your reader is left with an excellent impression of your essay.

Proofread and edit your work
to avoid costly spelling and grammar mistakes and give your essay the polish it deserves.

Build and utilise a more powerful vocabulary
to impress your markers and examiners.

Use a broader range of linking words
to ensure your essay flows smoothly and logically.

Avoid writing in the first person
, so you will never again use phrases like ‘I think….’ inappropriately.

Memorise material more effectively
so you can recall it when you need it most – during tests and exams!

Write brilliant essays under exam conditions
to ensure that you can deliver your best work under the pressure and stress of exams.

We don’t just teach you how to use our system, we provide on-going tutoring support by expert tutors so you can continue to implement what you learn and get the marks you want.

The program comes complete with course notes and a set of templates you can use again and again to guide you through each step of the essay writing process.

Who created Essay Experts?

The program is brought to you by Felstead Education whose lectures, DVDs and seminars covering a broad range of subjects have been seen by over 250,000 students in close to 1000 school throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and America over the past 25 years.

Essay Experts has been created in conjunction with leading Year 12 English specialists and experienced V.C.E. examiners to ensure that it delivers the highest quality results for students.

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Having powerful essay writing skills is one of the best investments you can make in your education.

With so many subjects requiring essay writing skills, Essay Experts can help you get the marks you need, to get into the course you want.

The writing skills you learn will stay with you as you move on into university and then out into the workforce.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to improve your essay writing skills.

Your investment per session with Essay Experts is $120

Take advantage of our Term 2 special and save by booking a five session pack for only $110 per session.

Don’t let travel time or distance stop you – Skype sessions are also available.


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