A unique teacher wellbeing program.  

Our Relaxation for Teachers program teaches a range of simple to use, yet highly effective relaxation techniques that can help teachers cope with stress, pressure and burnout – especially amidst the extra demands created by the pandemic.

This specially designed program can help teachers to:

  • Better cope with stress and pressure

  • Reduce the risk of burnout and fatigue

  • Handle the demands of students and parents

  • Sleep better at night

  • Better manage the extra demands caused by Covid 19

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

During the PD teachers will learn breathing techniques, muscle relaxation exercises and how to harness the power of visualisation and positive thinking practices.

The program comes complete with follow on resources including our Art of Relaxation ebook and MP3 Guided Relaxation Files.

The program is delivered by Brad Felstead, the founder and director of Felstead Education whose broad range of educational programs, seminars and DVDs have been delivered in over 1400 schools throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and America.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to do something special for your teachers and enhance staff wellbeing at a time when it is most under siege!

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