AI for StudentsWhat students need to know now to prepare them for tomorrow


AI for students is a unique seminar designed to give students an understanding of AI will impact their lives, change the way they learn and alter their career choices. It is a wonderful addition to any STEM curriculum, Careers program or Creative Studies curriculum.

Available for face to face delivery in Victoria. This program also travels interstate and is available for online delivery.

Why Choose AI for Students?

This program is vital for all students so as to help them navigate the substantial changes AI will bring to both their studies and their careers.

During the seminar students will learn how to:

  • Better understand the nature and impact of AI

  • Use AI ethically to improve the quality of their work

  • Avoid the pitfalls of using AI inappropriately in their studies

  • Make more informed subject choices for their senior years

  • Be better prepared for tertiary studies and the workforce

  • Be inspired by the role of AI in STEM and Creative Disciplines

  • Create their own personalised AI tutor


About AI for Students

During the seminar students will:

  • Learn a brief history of AI and what its common definition is

  • See of the ways AI is being used today and how it impacts them

  • Learn the different components of AI along with the technical jargon

  • Receive practical strategies on how to avoid the pitfalls of AI.

  • Learn how to ethically, responsibly and creatively use AI including how to

  • Create a personlised ChatGPT tutor

  • Create original music

  • Create stunning graphic design elements and images

  • Improve their performance in maths and other STEM subjects

  • Make better informed further study and career choices due to the impact of AI

Practical Information:  

AI for Students is designed to fit in one lesson period, approximately 50 minutes.

It is designed for students in Years 9 -12.

The program can be delivered to a full year level cohort, or in smaller workshop sized groups.

Extended interactive sessions are also available to allow students to more fully utilise AI learning tools in a supervised environment.

To discuss how we can deliver a program to help your students achieve their best in the this exciting new AI powered world contact us today.