Have your students run all over the world solving great maths challenges without ever leaving your school grounds!

If you’re looking for a great way to start 2024 in maths…

Or if you’re looking for a unique and memorable highlight for your Maths Day or Maths Week celebrations…

Or if you’re just looking for a fun maths event that you can do at any time of the year…

Why not have Felstead Education run an Amazing Maths Race at your school!

Proudly sponsored by the Mathematical Associations of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia.

Why Choose This Incursion?

Your students will have a maths event they were long remember as they run all around the school and all around the world solving great maths challenges!

Our Amazing Maths Race is:

  • Lots of fun

  • Highly engaging and enjoyable

  • Encourages team building and co-operation

  • Will have students on the move and outside of the classroom.

  • Packed with great maths challenges and puzzles

  • A unique way to boost problem-solving and maths reasoning skills

  • Fully aligned to the curriculum

  • Easy to organise – we come to you and do all of the hard work

About the Amazing Maths Race – How it works:  

  • During the event students will work in teams of four to solve a series of maths challenges as they race around the world (and the school).

  • Students will start at a central location and be given a maths based challenge.

  • The successful completion of the challenge will reveal to students the next location at the school.

  • At each new location students will complete a new maths challenge.

  • Each maths challenge is set in a different exotic location, e.g. The Taj Mahal in India, The Deserts of Arabia, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Paris, The Great Wall of China, The Pyramids and more.

  • The maths challenges cover key areas of mathematics including number, fractions, algebra, shape and space, measurement, probability, data and more.

  • First team to reach the finish line having solved all eight challenges is the winner.

  • If students get stuck along the way, they can play their ‘hint’ cards so they can keep moving along the course.

The Fine Details: 

The Amazing Maths Race is suitable for primary and secondary students.

Tailored versions, with age appropriate maths challenges for Year 3 through to Year 10 are available.

We come to you and provide you with a host to run the race and everything you need for the event.

We work with you in preplanning locations around your school.

A good number of students per race is approximately 60 to 80, but we can be flexible for smaller or larger groups.

Each race runs for approximately 50 to 60 minutes.

We can run multiple races on the same day.

If the weather on the day is a problem, the race can be moved into a school hall or gymnasium, so it is good to have this booked as a backup.

Book a combo incursion!  

If you’re looking for something extra special for your Maths Week or Maths Day, why not book a combo incursion.

Choose one of our live performances such as the Maths Show, for the morning, and then have us run an Amazing Maths Race in the afternoon. This will provide a unique experience that your students will never forget!

Special package prices are available.

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Principal Sponsors


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We gratefully acknowledge the support and inspiration of Rana Kak and Al Noori Muslim School in the development of The Amazing Maths Race.

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