A wellbeing program created especially for teachers!

The greatest asset any school has is its teachers!

Curricula will come and go.

Technology will change.

Funding models will rise and fall.

The pendulum will swing between ‘Core’ and ‘Non-Core’ subjects.

But one thing in education will always remain the same.

The most important factor in a child’s education is the quality of their teachers.

Indeed a happy, healthy, relaxed, skilled teacher is perhaps the most important influence on a child’s life, outside of the child’s family.

Yet for so many of our teachers today, the hectic, stressed and demanding pace of modern school life is taking its toll. These problems have been further compounded by the extra pressures and demands created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research confirms what most of us already know – that for many teachers rising stress levels, coupled with ever increasing work loads, are having a strongly negative impact on their well being.

That’s why our The Serene Teacher program was created: To empower teachers with a set of skills to help them stay calm and relaxed inside and outside of the classroom.

We do this in the firm belief that this is not only good for teacher wellbeing, but that it will also enhance classroom performance, and thus academic results.

The Serene Teacher  program teaches a range of simple to use, yet highly effective meditation and relaxation techniques that can help to soothe the mind and calm the body of even the busiest of teachers.

The program can help teachers to:

  • Better cope with stress and pressure

  • Reduce the risk of burnout and fatigue

  • Handle the demands of students and parents

  • Sleep better at night

  • Better manage their busy workloads

  • Improve overall health and wellbeing

During the program teachers will learn how to elicit the ‘Relaxation Response’, the body’s natural antidote to stress.

They will also learn breathing techniques, muscle relaxation exercises and how to harness the power of visualisation and positive thinking practices.

The program comes complete with follow on resources including our Art of Relaxation ebook and MP3 Guided Relaxation Files.

The program is delivered by Brad Felstead, the founder and director of Felstead Education whose broad range of educational programs, seminars and DVDs have been delivered in close to 1000 schools throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and America.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to do something special for your teachers and enhance staff wellbeing at a time when it is most under siege!

The program is delivered in house at your school, and is perfect as part of a student free day, or Professional Development program. We can deliver the program in a face-to-face setting, or via virtual /online delivery.

To find out more about The Serene Teacher, or to book your  session: contact us today!

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