Study CalmHelping students improve their mental health, stay calm, and achieve their best during senior school

Study Calm is designed especially for the needs of senior students. It is a relevant, powerful, highly interactive seminar that can help students develop practical skills to deal with the challenges of senior school. It is a wonderful addition to any student wellbeing program!

Why Choose Study Calm?

Study Calm is unique as it draws on our 15 years of experience working with senior school students. The skills we teach can not only improve their mental health, but are specifically designed to boost their academic performance as well. The skills they learn can be used on an ongoing basis to empower them to:

  • Stay calm, relaxed and focused

  • Cope with stress, anxiety and worry during senior school

  • Improve the way the handle technology

  • Reduce anxiety levels in relation to study, exams and ATAR scores

  • Maintain focus and concentration in  demanding situations

  • Improve sleeping patterns

  • Build resilience and coping strategies

  • Improve their academic performance

  • Find greater enjoyment during their final years of schooling

The program is based on the principle that by building mental strength and training their mind to remain calm, positive and focused students will be best placed to achieve at their personal best, whatever that best may be.

About Study Calm

Study calm is a practical program in which students will engage in a range of easy to learn, yet highly powerful mindfulness and meditation skills. It is also combined with research backed information to help students understand the benefits and value of the skills they have learnt.

During the program students will learn:

  • Practical breathing exercises to release stress and tension

  • How slow, deep breathing can improve brain function and academic performance

  • Skills to help them reduce anxiety around SACs, exams and ATAR scores

  • Skills to help them perform at their best under exam conditions

  • Practical ways to improve sleep patterns

  • How to use meditation and mindfulness techniques on an ongoing basis

Practical Information:  

Study Calm is designed to fit in one lesson period, approximately 50 minutes.

We also offer extended two and three parts programs to better embed the learning and help students use what they have learned on an ongoing basis.

We can happily deliver to a full year level cohort as part of your wellbeing / pastoral program, or can work with smaller, targeted groups of your more in need students.

All of our programs are supported by resources to deliver lasting benefits and empower your students to develop a strong set of coping skills they can use going forward.

Study Calm is designed for Senior School students and is perfect for Year 12 or 11 students or as part of an expanded Year 9 or 10 program.

Study Calm has been trusted by Australian schools since 2009 and has been delivered to hundreds of schools – government and independent, regional and rural.

To discuss how we can deliver a program to help your students achieve their best while remaining calm and relaxed, please contact us today.

To book your program of for further information contact us today.

If you would like to listen to some sample MP3 files from the Study Calm Program, please click on the links below:

Short Relaxation 

Longer Relaxation

Beach Meditation