Our new show helps students build a positive maths mindset, defeat maths anxiety, and build their confidence in maths.

Maths is a vital part of every child’s education, yet many students struggle with low levels of confidence and high levels of anxiety in mathematics.

However research shows that having a positive maths mindset can boost student performance and engagement in this vital subject.

So what if there was a great way to change your students attitude to maths, boost their enjoyment of the subject, and instil within them the self belief that everyone can do maths?

We hope that our new show – The Maths Mindset Show – can achieve all of this by helping students to:

  • Reduce maths anxiety and negative perceptions of the the subject

  • Boost their levels of confidence and self belief in maths

  • Engage deeply with maths and find it more enjoyable

  • Build a growth mindset in maths

  • Enhance their maths study skills so they can achieve at their highest possible levels

  • Encourage students to continue with higher level maths subjects

About the Show 

This unique live theatrical performance follows the adventures of Sam, an energetic and bubbly young student who is trying to boost her grades in maths, while struggling against her lack of self confidence in maths and general apathy towards STEM subjects.

When her usual online tutor is unavailable, Sam meets the amazing Pythagoras – a 2000 year old tutor from Ancient Greece who has been helping students through the millennia deal with similar problems.

Pythagoras takes Sam on an amazing journey through the world of maths, teaching her that with the right mindset and good study skills everyone can be good at maths.

During her fun filled adventure with Pythagoras Sam learns:

  • How to build a positive mindset in maths

  • That making mistakes helps to build a better brain

  • You don’t need to be fast with numbers to do well in maths

  • Persistence is a key to maths success

  • Powerful ways to boost self confidence in maths

The show combines humour, live performance, storytelling and audience interaction with the latest pedagogy and research into how students learn maths to provide a unique maths incursion that can make a real positive difference to your students in maths.


Suitable for Primary and Junior Secondary  

The Maths Mindset Show is designed for Primary and Junior Secondary students with tailored versions available for different age groups.

The Maths Mindset Show has been produced by Felstead Education drawing on over 30 years of educational experience. Since 1988 our broad range of programs have been seen by over 300,000 students in close to 1000 schools throughout Australia, Europe, America and Asia.

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