A live performance that uses the power of sport to bring maths alive for your students!

Perfect for an Olympic Games maths incursion, or at any time of the year!

If you’re looking for a great way to bring maths alive…

An incursion that will engage, entertain and inspire your students…

Something that will show your students maths in action in a real world context…

Then why not try The Maths and Sport Show?

The Maths and Sport Show is a live touring performance that highlights the vital role played by maths and numbers in the sports that students love to watch and play.

Our entertaining and engaging presenters will take your students on a fun filled mathematical journey through the wide world of sports including AFL Football, Rugby, Cricket, Soccer, Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Netball and more.

The show is highly interactive with plenty of student (and teacher) involvement.

The Maths and Sport Show is proudly sponsored by the Mathematical Associations of Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia, Queensland and South Australia.

Two versions of the show are available, one for Junior Secondary students, and one for Primary Students.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bring maths alive for your students with the power of sport.

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Principal Sponsors

Engaging, illuminating and fun! We had a great time and the show highlighted the vital role of maths in sports students know and play. 
Libby Foley, Chevallum State School

View a trailer at: https://vimeo.com/482471888

The Nitty Gritty:

The Maths and Sport Show is presented in-house at your school.

The production runs for approximately 45 – 50 minutes.

An ideal size audience is 80 – 120 students, but the production can be delivered to smaller groups, or to up to 200 students in an appropriate venue.

We prefer to preload our AV items onto your system, and you will need to provide a screen for them to be projected upon. A microphone may be required for larger venues.

Discounted pricing for The Maths and Sport Show is available to Maths Association members. 

To find out how we can use the power of sport to engage and entertain your students and bring maths alive for you in a way you will never forget, contact us today!