A Whole of Person Approach to Senior School Success. 

A personal message from Brad Felstead, Founder and Director of Felstead Education:


For many years I have had the good fortune to work with tens of thousands of senior school students and their teachers in a wide variety of schools throughout Australia.

The message I consistently receive is that senior school is tough, and that students are finding it harder and harder to cope.

Rarely a week goes by without a new study coming out, or a news story being heard about the problems our high school students face in managing heavy study demands, exam pressure, social problems or the ever rising focus on ATAR results.

Research confirms what teachers and parents already know – that all of these problems are leading to a ring epidemic of anxiety and stress within our schools.

Gone are the days when teachers could tell students that the answer to their problems can be solved by simply working harder.

In fact I often tell students that if they had a strong union or workplace authority representing them, there is no way that it would condone them being asked to work  70 or 80 hour weeks, working till 9 and 10pm most weeknights, and long hours on the weekend.

Their developing teenage bodies and minds should simply not be subjected to such stresses and pressures. It is not good for them, and the cracks are showing in terms of both physical and mental health.

Yet the problem, so obvious to students, teachers and parents, is not getting better, rather it is becoming more entrenched as the educational system, and competition for tertiary places gets ever more demanding.

So in the face of systemic pressure on students, what can we, as individual educators, schools or parents do it about?

I believe one answer lies in empowering our students with the personal and academic skills they need to not just survive, but thrive, amidst these growing pressures – and a whole of person approach is what is required.


And this is why our ‘The Balanced Student’ program was created.

Based on my highly popular book of the same name, The Balanced Student program is a practical, whole of person approach to student wellbeing, founded on the belief that having:

  •  Strong Study Skills

  • A Healthy Body

  • A Healthy Mind

Enable a student to achieve at their personal best, whatever that best may be.

The Balanced Student program is unique in that it focuses on the three essential pillars of student wellbeing and success – Study Skills, Physical Health, and Mental Health to provide students with a skill set that empowers them to:

  • Improve their study habits and patterns  – so they can achieve better results in less time by working more efficiently and effectively

  • Eat in way that will maximise energy, cognitive performance and overall health

  • Exercise regularly to optimise cognitive performance, mental health and physical wellbeing

  • Get the sleep they need to be at their best

  • Use mindfulness and relaxation skills to reduce stress and anxiety

  • Perform at their best under exam conditions


How does the program work?

 The Balanced Student program is delivered across three unique sessions:

Session One focuses on Study Skills and will teach students how to:

  • Set purposeful and meaningful goals

  • Improve time management

  • Defeat procrastination

  • Take better notes

  • Remember more of what they learn

  • Improve concentration and focus

  • Reduce multitasking

Session Two looks at the three pillars of physical health – Sleep, Exercise and Nutrition – and will empower students to:

  • Understand the vital role sleep plays in boosting academic performance and protecting mental health

  • Reduce the negative impact of electronic devices and technology on sleep patterns

  • Sleep better at night

  • Understand the impact of nutritional choices on academic performance, energy levels and their ability to cope with stress

  • Develop healthy eating habits specific to the needs of senior students

  • Eat well to optimise exam performance

  • Understand how aerobic exercise can improve academic performance and protect their mental health

  • Develop a regular exercise plan that they can easily maintain amidst the rigours and demands of their busy schedules.

Session Three focuses on Mental Health, in particular how mindfulness, positive thinking and relaxation skills can be used to combat anxiety and stress, both during the year and especially at exam time. Students will learn:

  • Why a calm mind is optimal for academic success, mental health and exam performance

  • Breathing techniques to boost relaxation and mental focus

  • How mindfulness can help to reduce stress and promote wellbeing

  • A range of easy to use mindfulness practices

  • Strategies to cope with exam anxiety

  • The importance of positive thinking and resilience

  • Visualisation and muscle relaxation exercise to improve sleep patterns.

Practical Details

The Balanced Student is delivered across three unique sessions.

Each session is approximately 50 -60 minutes in length and can be delivered to a full year level cohort.

The sessions are generally delivered over separate days, usually a week or a fortnight apart, but can also be delivered all on the same day.

Single sessions can also be booked if you prefer.

The program can be tailored to your needs, and is perfect for student camps or retreats or as part of a Wellbeing Day or Week.

The program is supported by workbooks, MP3 files and other resources so as to provide an ongoing, comprehensive framework for students to approach senior school.


Added Bonus

Book your program for Term 2 or 3, 2018 and all students will also receive a complimentary soft copy of The Balanced Student book.

Inspired by cutting edge international research and full of practical tips and guidance, The Balanced Student can help your students achieve at their personal best, while maintaining optimal physical and mental health during senior school.

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‘The Balanced Student’ program provides a powerful opportunity to help students cope with the very real pressures of modern senior schooling.

This unique whole of person approach to their studies can help your student to lead a more balanced life, feel better about themselves , combat stress and anxiety, while at the same time boosting their academic performance! 

I hope that ‘The Balanced Student’ can make a real and lasting positive difference in the lives of your students. To book your program, or to find out more – contact us today!

I  look forward to hearing from you!


Brad Felstead

Founder and Director

Felstead Education


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