The Power of SleepHelp your students to sleep better!

Our Power of Sleep seminar empowers students with the knowledge and skills they need to get a good night’s sleep!

Why Choose The Power of Sleep?

Our Power of Sleep program has been designed specifically for the needs of senior high school students.

Research shows a good night’s sleep lays the foundation for positive physical and mental health as well as strong cognitive performance.

Unfortunately the stresses of senior school, combined with changes in the teen body clock and the impact of technology, have a strong negative effect on students’ abilities to maintain healthy sleep patterns.

This can lead to reduced academic performance, increased anxiety and lower overall mental health.

This makes sleep, or the lack of it, one of the most important physical and mental health issues facing senior secondary students today.

This highly practical and interactive program can helps students get the sleep they need to:  

  • Better concentrate and focus on their studies

  • Improve their academic performance by boosting memory and higher order thinking skills

  • Protect their mental health – reducing the effects stress and anxiety

  • Strengthen their immune systems

  • Improve their performance in creative or sporting pursuits

  • Maintain a healthy body weight

About The Power of Sleep

The Power of Sleep is a practical program which can make a real positive difference in the lives of your students .

During the program students will learn:

    • Why quality sleep is essential to their academic performance, mental health and general wellbeing

    • How to do a quick audit on their personal sleep patterns

    • Why getting a good night sleep can be hard – including the impact of technology, changes to their body clock and more

    • How to improve sleep patterns – simple ways to help get a better night’s sleep.

    • Relaxation exercises to help them fall asleep more easily and stay asleep more soundly

Practical Information:  

The Power of Sleep is designed to fit in one lesson period, approximately 50 minutes.

We can happily deliver to a full year level cohort as part of your wellbeing / pastoral program, or can work with smaller, targeted groups of your more in need students.

All of our programs are supported by resources to deliver lasting benefits and empower your students to develop a strong set of sleep skills they can use on an ongoing basis.

The Power of Sleep is designed for Senior School students and is perfect for Year 12 or 11 students or as part of an expanded Year 9 or 10 program. A tailored version is available for Year 7 and 8 students.

The Power of Sleep has been trusted by Australian schools since 2011 and has been delivered to hundreds of schools – government and independent, regional and rural.

To discuss how we can deliver a program to help your students get to sleep they need to be their best, please contact us today.

To book your program of for further information contact us today.