COVID19 Update: We have adapted The Maths Show for COVID Safe live delivery. We have performers based in Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland so are able to comply with all local health requirements. We regularly tour other states. We also have an online/virtual option of the show available. To discuss your specific needs and how we can work with you in the new learning environment, please contact us today.

Archimedes, The Amazing Maths Entertainer, presents: The Primary Maths Show

Looking for something that’s lots of fun, highly engaging and wonderfully entertaining in maths?

Something that will have students (and teachers) roaring with laughter, wondering ‘wow’ how did that happen, then trying to solve amazing mathematical puzzles…

Something that will help your students to see maths from a different and angle and feel more positive and confident about the subject…

Then why not try The Primary Maths Show?

The Primary Maths Show is a live stage performance like no other.

The Primary Maths Show is full of mathematical magic, mystery and mayhem – designed to entertain and engage students while substantially increasing their interest in mathematics.

During the show, students will be astounded as Archimedes, The Amazing Maths Entertainer uses the power of numbers to control the mind, predict the future, reveal secrets and much, much more.

As part of the performance, students will meet famous and (not so famous) mathematicians from ancient Babylon and Greece,  Famous Women of Maths, Experts in Estimation, Shape and Space as well as Champions of Chance and Data.

The Primary Maths Show is highly interactive, with substantial audience involvement, and will leave students wanting to know more about the mathematical principles that underly the onstage antics.

We are proud to partner with the Mathematical Associations of Victoria, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia as major sponsors of the show .

The Primary Maths Show is brought to you by the same team that created the long-running stage shows, The History of Maths, and Famous Female Mathematiciansseen in hundreds of schools throughout Australia, and who produced the Maths and Cricket and Maths and Soccer DVDs that have been seen by students throughout Australia, America, Europe and Asia.

The show is suitable for Primary Students of all ages with tailored performances for Senior Primary students, and Junior Primary Students.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bring maths alive for your students.

To book your performance, or to find out more about The Primary Maths Showcontact us today.

Principal Sponsors

The Nitty Gritty:

The Primary Maths Show is presented in-house at your school.

The production runs for approximately  45-50 minutes.

An ideal size audience is 80 – 120 students, but the production can be delivered to smaller groups, or to up to 200 students in an appropriate venue.

We prefer to preload our AV items onto your system, and you will need to provide a screen for them to be projected upon. A microphone may be required for larger venues.

What You’ve Said About Us:


On behalf of not only myself, but all the staff who participated I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising today’s Maths Show for us.  Patrick was FANTASTIC and the children enjoyed every moment of it.  Marita Martin, St. Catherine of Siena


The show was fantastic – the girls were really into it and came out feeling inspired with lots of ideas to share with one another.   Melanie was a brilliant presenter – professional, engaging and clear. It was great, thank you so much! Lisa Allum Queenwood School for Girls


Our kids loved the show. It was great! Meagan O’Callaghan, Truganina College


To find out how we can have your audience roaring with laughter, astounded by the wonder of numbers, and bring maths alive for you in a way you will never forget, contact us today!