A live presentation to help your students enjoy and thrive in maths.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all of your students loved maths?

If they all felt confident in their abilities in maths?

And if they all had a great study skill set with which to learn maths?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if their new confidence and skills helped them to enjoy maths even more.

And then the lower achieving students could leave behind some of their maths anxiety and fears.

And the higher achieving students could be empowered to excel even further…

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if this in turn helped all of your students to engage more deeply with maths, and to go further with their maths studies?

This may sound like mathematical utopia, and we can’t promise to deliver all of it, but we can help you and your students to journey along this path.

That’s why we created our How to Love Maths study skills seminar.


What is How to Love Maths? 


Based on latest developments in neuroscience and cutting edge research into how students learn and engage with maths, we have created a study skills seminar to empower students with the self belief and skill set to help them to their very best at maths.

A key element of the seminar is disproving the myth that students are either innately good or bad at maths.

We show that with the right attitude, skill set, and hard work, nearly all students can succeed at maths.

Drawing on our expertise as one of Australia’s leading providers of study skills programs, including over 30 years experience in creating maths programs and in consultation with Jo Boaler, Director of Youcubed.org and one of the world’s leading maths learning experts we have created a program that can help students to:


  • Boost their levels of confidence and self belief in maths

  • Reduce maths anxiety and negative perceptions of the subject

  • Engage deeply with maths and find it more enjoyable

  • Build a growth mindset in maths

  • Enhance their maths study skills so they can achieve at their highest possible levels

  • Encourage students to continue with higher level maths subjects

We believe  How to Love Maths may be one of the most important lessons in a student’s mathematical studies as it teaches them how to study maths while at the same time boosting their levels of confidence, engagement and enjoyment in maths.


What’s included in the program?


This exciting and innovative program includes the following units:

1. Maths and mindset

  • Why your attitude to maths impacts on your success in maths

2. How your brain learns maths

  • Everyone can do maths!

3. The seven keys to maths success

  • Self belief

  • How making mistakes grows your brain

  • It’s not about speed

  • Being flexible in your maths thinking

  • Being creative and having fun in maths

  • Working in groups and talking about maths

  • Being visual in maths

4. How to take great notes in maths class

  • Using the Cornell Note Taking System to take great notes in maths

5. Applying strong study skills to maths

  • Setting maths learning goals

  • Time management in maths study

  • Efficient and effective maths learning

  • Beating procrastination in maths

  • Avoiding distraction while studying maths

6. How to conquer maths anxiety and stay calm and relaxed in maths

  • Practical tools to reduce stress and build a positive mindset in maths


The Nitty Gritty


How to Love Maths is available in two different versions: One for Middle Years Students (Years 5-8) and one for Senior Years Students (Years 9 – 12).

How to Love Maths is brought to you by Felstead Education, drawing on over 30 years of educational experience. We are one of Australia’s leading study skills experts, and the producers of such iconic maths productions including The Maths Show, The History of Maths, Maths and Cricket, Maths and Soccer and many more.

We are proud to have developed How to Love Maths in consultation with Jo Boaler of Stanford University, one of the world’s leading maths education experts. She is a former President of the International Organisation for Women and Maths Education, and the author of nine books and numerous research articles. She was named by the BBC as ‘One of the eight people whose ideas are challenging the future of Education.”

The program is delivered as a 50 – 60 minute session, designed for a full year cohort of up to approximately 150 students.

How to Love Maths is delivered in-house at your school and comes complete with follow on resources to embed the learning.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to give your students the self confidence and skill set they need to succeed in maths.

To find out about having How to Love Maths at your school – contact us today!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to give your students the self belief and skill set they need to succeed in maths – contact us today!