Looking for a unique small business opportunity or a way to grow your existing business in the education sector? 

Then why not partner with us to bring The Maths Show to your region.

The Maths Show is a live performance, delivered in-house at schools, that entertains and engages students with the wonder of maths and numbers.

The show has been hugely successful in Australia and now we are taking it to the world. A limited number of partnership and licensing opportunities exist to work with us and would suit someone who is looking for a business:

  • That can be run from home or a small office

  • Is flexible and easy to run

  • Is in the education sector

  • Could be added on to an existing business

  • Has a proven track record built on a quality product and  operating system

  • Brings a smile to the faces of children

A knowledge of maths is not essential to run the business! (But of course can be a bonus.)


While many schools are currently closed due to the outbreak, they will undoubtedly be returning as restrictions are rolled back. Now is a time to begin planning for that return and we can work with you to build and ready the business for operation once schools go back.


What is The Maths Show?

The Maths Show is a school incursion that entertains and engages students in the essential subject of Mathematics.

The production is a huge amount of fun as it combines the power and energy of live performance with a tried and tested blend of maths history, maths magic, maths puzzles and problem solving.

The aim of The Maths Show is to entertain students with maths, rather than teach them directly.

It is highly appealing to maths teachers because it enables them to:

  • Do something different in maths

  • Build student engagement in maths

  • Have their students roaring with laughter in maths

  • Amaze their students with the power and wonder of numbers

  • Add a ‘wow’ factor to maths learning

The maths underpinning the show is quite rigorous, and the production is supported by a teacher resource kit for optional follow on work.

The Maths Show is delivered in-house at individual schools. Different versions are available for Junior Secondary students (year of schooling 7-8) and Primary School students. (year of schooling 1-6)

The show is designed as a one-person show, and is highly portable in terms of staging, props and costumes.

The show runs for approximately 50 minutes (one lesson period) and an ideal audience size is 80 – 120 students, although it can easily be shown to smaller or larger groups.

You can view a trailer of the show at:



More about the Business Opportunity 

The Maths Show offers an exceptional business opportunity in the education sector.

While schools have many options for excursions, assemblies and incursions – and will spend tens of thousands of dollars annually on such activities – few options exist for such activities in maths.

Combine this with the essential nature of mathematics studies, the fact that students often see maths as dull and boring, and the desire of maths teachers to make the subject more fun and engaging, and a winning formula becomes apparent.

The Maths Show began as an adaptation of our long running hit show The History of Maths.

Since its humble beginnings in 1988 The History of Maths / The Maths Show has been delivered in over 1000 schools in Australia, with many schools having repeat performances year after year. In our home town of Melbourne we have performed in over 75% of local high schools and a large number of primary schools.

In simple terms, students love The Maths Show, teachers love The Maths Show, and we love The Maths Show, so know we are taking it to the world.


Why Partner with Us

If you are interested to work with us, we would love to hear from you. Two business models are available:

Licensing / Franchise – where you will have a great deal of autonomy in how you run the business, while taking advantage of our tried and tested business systems.

Partnership / Joint Venture – where we will work together with you to deliver the show in your local region.

As such The Maths Show would be suitable for:

Someone looking for a self employment opportunity.

You would be performing the show yourself – perhaps you’re a maths educator with a flair for performance, or the lighter side of maths. You can do the marketing and handle the administration tasks yourself (or employ someone to ) using our proven business sytem.

Someone looking for a small business opportunity

Engage a performer(s) to deliver the show, and run the business from home.

The Maths Show offers a perfect low–cost home business opportunity, especially for a parent looking to work from home and structure their days around school timetables and holidays. You can run the business during school hours, and then have time to be with your family outside of school hours, and enjoy quiet time during school holidays.

An existing company delivering programs / services / performances to schools

The Maths Show could be a valuable addition to your existing repertoire of performances, fitting easily into your current business model. The performance would be complimentary, rather than competing with your own range of shows / presentations and is readily scalable. Our business system can be easily adapted to your existing system.

While a love of maths would be a bonus, it is not essential – either for you or for the performers who run the show.

Some of the benefits of partnering with us can include:

  • You will have access to our proven business system and our 30 years experience working in education

  • You can structure your working day around school hours and school holidays

  • Strong financial rewards while choosing your own flexible working conditions

  • The option to take up to 12 weeks of holidays during the year

  • An enjoyable working environment

  • The chance to do something positive in the education sector


About Felstead Education: 

We are one of Australia’s longest standing and leading deliverers of extra-curricular programs, presentations and seminars.

Since 1988 we have been trusted by close to 1500 schools in Australia, and also America, Europe, Britain and Asia to deliver our programs.

We are passionate about what we do and we love working with students and teachers, aiming to make a positive difference in their lives.

We are proud to offer programs in a range of subjects including mathematics, literacy, study skills and student wellbeing.

Mathematics gave us our beginnings and is still one of our favourite subject areas. Over the past 30 years our live shows and video productions have included The Maths Show, The History of Maths, Famous Female Mathematicians, How to Love Maths, Archimedes – The Amazing Mathemagician, Maths and Sport, Maths And Cricket, Maths and Football, Maths and the Federation of Australia and Maths Secret Agent.


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If you would like to partner with us and benefit from a unique business opportunity in the education sector, offering you flexibility, a reliable income and the chance to bring your passion and skills to life in your own ongoing business, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today


What students and teachers say about us

That was the best maths lesson ever!

Student, Presentation College Windsor.

Engaging and interesting, the performer had a wonderful rapport with the students, and the maths magic was great!

Jenny Merret, Head of Maths Presentation College, Windsor.

It was awesome! The performer was engaging and hilarious. The kids loved the show!

Libby Foley, Chevallum State School

What a fantastic show, our students loved it!

Serena McLean, Assistant Principal, Aurora College

Fabulous!  I’ve received such positive feedback from all staff and students!

Cristi Wislmore SCEGGS

We loved The Maths Show – what a wonderful entertainer!

Kate Hehir, Director of Curriculum (Junior School) Lauriston Girls’ School

 The kids were in stitches of laughter for the whole hour!

Lauren Todd, Head of Maths, Merri Creek Primary School

With the Curriculum so jam-packed with content it was great for the students to see some things that excited them about this great subject … it reminded me to make sure we make more room for such things in our classes…

Kay Christopher, Head of Maths, Mary Mackillop College

Our students loved it. We would be looking forward to seeing The Maths Show again next.

Vincent Lam, Domain Leader Maths, Wheelers Hill Secondary College


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