Help your students to remember more of what they learn


One of the biggest problems faced by students is ‘How do I remember all of this?’

Our memory enhancement and study skills programs offer students a range of simple to use, yet highly powerful, tools and techniques to help them better retain what they have learnt, so they can perform at their best when it matters most – during tests and exams.

We are also proud to work in conjunction with Australian Memory Champion Chris Lyons to bring you his unique full day memory improvement and study skills programs that can make a real difference in your students’ ability to remember and utilise the vast amounts of information they take in every day.

Our program offerings include:


Memory Masters

An introductory program designed to run for one lesson period that covers the following topics:

  • The importance of memory to study and exam success

  • The basic neuroscience of memory

  • Improving your memory through better focus and attention

  • The problems of multitasking

  • Memory enhancement techniques including Pegging Systems and the Memory Palace.


A full day program with Chris Lyons

Have your students learn from the very best!

Chris is one of Australia’s foremost memory experts. His CV includes doubling the Australian Memory Record by correctly reciting Pi to 4,400 places without error. In September 2008 he won the Australian Memory Championships Names competition by correctly memorising 46 people’s names in just 5 minutes.

His personally delivered full day program covers three key areas – Memory Skills, Effective Reading and Visual Note Taking – to help students develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to perform at their very best and get the results they deserve.

The course is designed to:

  • Give students a rapid and effective introduction to Memory Enhancement, Effective Reading and Visual Thinking techniques

  • Show students how to apply these techniques to their day-to-day studies to save time and achieve better grades

  • Provide students with an easy-to-follow Action Plan to help them apply and practise their new found skills after the course

During the course students will learn:


  • Memory Skills – how much of your potential are you really using?

  • The keys to remembering what you need to at school

  • The 3 most effective memory systems for high school success

  • How to memorise information and pass tests and exams with confidence

  • How and when to review information to maximise recall

  • Effective Reading – how well do you currently read and what’s possible?

  • 4 key techniques to increase your reading speed, focus and comprehension

  • How to quickly double your reading speed through effective practice

  • How to remember more of what you read using the BDA approach

  • How and when to summarise what you are studying

  • How best to tackle different types of study material

  • What is Visual Note-taking – and why is it such a powerful study technique?

  • How to use Visual Note-taking to make quick and memorable notes

  • How to use the GO method to plan and prepare assignments and projects

  • How to use the GO method to plan essays in a fraction of the usual time

  • How to use Visual Note-taking to organise and manage all your study notes

  • How to get started with Visual Note-taking quickly and easily

Delivery Format

The program typically runs from 9.00am -3.30pm and is delivered in-house at your school anywhere in Australia

It is suitable for smaller and larger groups from 20 -120 students.

The program includes free access for each student to the Essential Study Skills 7 Day Online Follow-Up Program to help them practise and apply what they have learnt at the Workshop

Also available as a shorter half day course lasting approximately four hours.


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Chris also runs regular out of school memory training programs during the school holidays. To find out more, contact us today.


“Wow! This workshop has been mind-blowing, life-changing, incredible! It taught me countless techniques that will assist me every day. I absolutely LOVED IT!”

Elle Solferini, Year 9 Student, Loreto Kirribilli

“An unusually useful and exhilarating experience that’ll leave you with the knowledge to turn C’s into A’s with little extra effort.”

Andrew Verela, Year 11 Student, Iona College Brisbane

“This course was extraordinary! I learned so many helpful study, reading and memory techniques. I recommend this course to anyone in high school.”

Julia Aruci, Year 8 Student, Melbourne Girls Grammar

“The best class I have had. Also the most useful. Now I will be able to remember more plus the techniques for learning are surprisingly fun.”

Fred Langley, Year 10 Student, Melbourne Grammar

“Absolutely hilariously genius. Important techniques that we never learn in school were revealed. It was a life-changing experience. From now on it’ll be easier to remember the information our teachers throw at us. Thanks!”

Rachel Chan, Year 12 Student, Sydney