Knowing how to study can be just as important as knowing what to study.

This is the perfect study skills  program to get your students working more efficiently and productively to maximise the rewards for their hard work.

The Secrets of Study Success will teach students how to:

  1. Defeat Procrastination – to avoid wasting valuable study time

  2. Improve Time Management – by learning to maximise their periods of peak attention and productivity

  3. Take Better Notes – to help with vital revision work

  4. Enhance Memory and Reading Skills – to power through their reading lists while retaining more information

  5. Improve their exercise, nutrition and sleep patterns – for superior exam performance

  6. Relax and Stay Calm – to reduce stress and exam related anxiety while also avoiding burnout.

Secrets of Study Success
is designed to sit within one lesson period (approx. 50 – 60 minutes) and features course materials and MP3 files as takeaways for students.

Dont miss this great opportunity to empower your students with the skills and strategies they need to maximise the rewards for their hard work.

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