To bring the benefits of mindfulness to as many people in the school – students, teachers, administrative staff – as possible through the practice of a range of 5-10 minute mindfulness exercises on an ongoing basis.


Mindfulness Practice has been shown to offer the following benefits to members of the school community.

Benefits for students can include:

  • Feeling calmer and more relaxed

  • Reduced levels of negative emotions such as worry and anger

  • Increased feelings of empathy and kindness

  • Enhanced ability to focus and stay on task

  • Heightened memory retention and creative thinking skills

  • Overall strengthening of emotional intelligence and general wellbeing

Benefits for staff can include:

  • Reduced levels of stress, anxiety and worry

  • Lower risk of burnout and fatigue

  • Higher levels of compassion and empathy

  • Improved ability to handle difficult conversations

  • Increased ability to remain purpose driven and focused

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Better work / life balance

Training Provided

The training takes place over five one-hour sessions, generally spaced one week apart.

Teachers will learn a range of mindfulness practices including breathing exercises, simple meditations, body scan / muscle relaxation exercises, mindful movement, mindful eating and mindfulness of emotions.

Teachers will also learn basic mindfulness theory and how to teach mindfulness at an age appropriate level.

As a part of the program, teachers will have the opportunity to teach the exercises to other members of the program.

Between sessions teachers will be asked to spend 5 – 15 minutes per day, for 3 – 5 days per week, engaged in a mindfulness practice.

By the end of the training teachers will feel comfortable with the mindfulness exercises and feel confident in their ability to teach and practice the short, 5 minute exercises with their students.

The program also includes the following soft copy resources:

  • Teacher instruction booklet

  • Course booklet for teaching mindfulness in the classroom

  • Mindfulness MP3 files

  • Exercises for use in classroom


As a result of the training program, and the uptake of classroom exercises, students and teachers will engage in a regular mindfulness practice for 5 – 10 minutes per day, up to 5 days per week during class time.