Knowing how to study can be just as important as knowing what to study.

This one-on-one tutoring program will help you study more efficiently and productively to maximise the rewards for your hard work.

Through our work in leading schools throughout Australia we see similar patterns repeating themselves with many students.

They are working hard, but often not as efficiently or productively as possible, due to a lack of system and poor organisation.

For others, poor time management, procrastination and a lack of focus can mean that much time is wasted – while stress levels rise and unmet deadlines rapidly approach.

Most of these problems can be eliminated by applying a simple, regular and systematic approach to study – but many students do not know how.

Our Study Skills Essentials program will teach you how to:

  • Defeat Procrastination – to avoid wasting valuable study time

  • Improve Time Management – by maximising periods of peak attention and prioritising what is most important

    • Set Meaningful and Realistic Goals – to help you stay focused and on track

  • Be More Organised – so you can have a reliable system that works for you, not against you

  • Take Better Notes – to help you revise and prepare for exams

  • Enhance Memory and Reading Skills – to power through their reading lists while retaining more information

  • Prepare for Exams – so you can do your best when it matters most.

We offer a one off boot-camp style program, delivered on an individual basis, that runs for approximately 75 – 90 minutes to kick start you into being a more efficient and effective student.

It is recommended, though not essential, that a parent joins the session after the first 60 minutes, so our system can be explained to the parent, to help deliver longer lasting results at home.

The cost for this initial session is $180.

Ongoing / follow up sessions are also available if required, at a rate of $120 per hour.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to gain the skills and strategies that can help you maximise the rewards for all of your hard work.

Contact us today for an obligation free discussion or to book your session.