Senior School is Tough!

Help your students manage the pressure of senior school with our Stress Management for Students Program.

Research confirms what most teachers, students and parents already know – that the high demands of senior school are leading to increased levels of stress and anxiety amongst students and also leading to many poor lifestyle choices in the ever increasing need to spend more time studying.

Now there is a program specifically designed to empower students to:

  • Reduce their levels of stress

  • Combat anxiety and depression

  • Boost their academic performance

  • Increase their ability to manage exams

  • Boost their overall health and wellbeing

Topics covered include how to:

  • Understand the symptoms of stress and anxiety

  • Develop relaxation skills that are easy to use, yet powerful in their results

  • Exercise regularly to boost physical and mental health and improve academic results

  • Make informed nutritional choices that optimise health and wellbeing while boosting mental performance

  • Get the sleep you need to be your best

  • Develop positive thinking habits to boost self-esteem and learning outcomes

  • Prepare well for the pressure and stress of exams

To find out more about this invaluable  seminar or to book in for one of our programs for your school please contact us today.