COVID19 Update: We have adapted The Power of Sleep for COVID Safe live delivery. We also have an online/virtual option of the presentation available. To discuss your specific needs and how we can work with you in the new learning environment, please contact us today.

A good night’s sleep lays the foundation for a great day ahead.

Sleep, or the lack of it, was one of the most important physical and mental health issues facing senior secondary students today even before COVID19 hit.

A good night’s sleep lays the foundation for positive physical and mental health as well as cognitive performance.

Getting adequate sleep can help students to

  • Better concentrate and focus on their studies

  • Improve academic performance by boosting memory and higher order thinking skills

  • Protect their mental health – reducing the effects stress and anxiety

  • Strengthen their immune systems

  • Improve the performance in creative or sporting pursuits

  • Help them maintain a healthy body weight

Unfortunately the worry, anxiety and stress of senior school can have a strong negative effect on students’ abilities to maintain healthy sleep patterns.

Motivate and empower students to get the sleep they need to be their best.

So during the Power of Sleep students will learn

  • Why quality sleep is essential to their academic performance, mental health and general wellbeing

  • Why getting a good night sleep can be hard – including the impact of technology, changes to their body clock and more

  • How to improve sleep patterns – practical ways to help get a better night’s sleep.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a substantial positive impact on your students’ health and wellbeing while boosting their academic performance during these difficult times.

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