Helping students to eat better

Would you like your students to eat stress busting, energy enhancing, brain-boosting foods that can help them fly through their days and power through exams?

Then our Power Nutrition seminar is just for you!

Research confirms that making the right nutritional choices help students perform at their peak mentally, physically and emotionally.

Conversely, poor dietary choices  impact negatively on their general health and wellbeing, and also hamper their academic performance.

Furthermore poor food choices made during stressful exam periods compound the problem by leading to poor concentration, lower energy levels and lower results.

Power Nutrition takes students beyond the general dietary messages they have previously received and focuses on empowering them to make positive food choices to:

  • optimise their academic performance

  • better manage stress

  • strengthen their immune system

  • build their ability to focus and concentrate

  • have more energy

  • sleep better

  • enhance their mental health

Students will leave the program with a real understanding of the role food and nutrition plays in their ability to succeed. They will understand how different nutrients are broken down to effect concentration levels, stress and their ability to relax, and will leave the session feeling confident in their ability to make the best dietary choices that will see them achieve their full potential.

Power Nutrition is designed for Senior School students.

It is perfect for VCE students or as part of an expanded Year 9 or 10 program.

The standard program runs for approximately 50-60 minutes, although the duration and scope of the program can be individually tailored to suit your needs.

Power Nutrition
is presented by Kara Landau, a renown dietician who practices in both Australia and America. She is a previous media spokesperson for the Dieticians Association of Australia. She has consulted for Nutrition Australia and BUPA and loves to share her passion for wholesome eating with students to help them achieve their wellness goals as simply as possible.

Don’t miss out on this practical and effective way to enhance the academic performance and overall well-being of your students.

Spaces are strictly limited, so to book your program of for further information contact us today.