Looking for ways to help your students better cope with their busy lives and the pressure of their studies?


Then our Mindfulness for Students program may be just what you are looking for.

Heavy workloads, social pressure, exam anxiety – and perhaps personal issues from outside of school – can combine to make it hard going for even the most capable of students.

Mindfulness practice has become increasingly popular in schools as it can be a powerful and effective tool to help students manage stress, boost academic performance and enhance overall levels of wellbeing.

Our program is specially designed for students in Years 10 -12 of school and can help you bring the many benefits of mindfulness to their lives.

We also offer specially tailored programs for Year 7-9 students.

Research confirms that mindfulness practice can help students to:

  • Reduce levels of stress

  • Combat anxiety and depression

  • Improve learning outcomes through better focus, memory retention and enhanced higher order thinking skills

  • Boost levels of empathy and compassion

  • Increase feelings of calm and wellbeing

  • Improve sleep patterns

Mindfulness for Students has been developed from our hugely popular Study Calm program that has been delivered in leading schools throughout Australia.

 What students will learn:

The program is taught from a western, secular perspective and no prior knowledge of meditation is needed.

Participants will learn:

  • The basic principles of mindfulness meditation

  • A range of mindfulness techniques that are easy to learn and simple to practice

  • How mindfulness can be used to deal with the challenges of school life including interpersonal relationships,high stress levelsand exam anxiety

  • How to use mindfulness practice on an ongoing basis to reap its many benefits

About the presenter

Mindfulness for Students is delivered by Brad Felstead, the founder and director of Felstead Education.

Brad has over 15 years experience in meditation and 6 years specifically focused on teaching meditation to teenagers.

He is the creator of the Study Calm program which brings the benefits of meditation into the school environment has been delivered to thousands of teenagers in secondary schools throughout Australia.

He is the author of numerous books including The Balanced Student, The Art of Relaxation and the upcoming Teen Sleep, due for release in mid 2015.

Program Details

Mindfulness for Students
 is generally delivered as a lecture style presentation to a full year level cohort.

The presentation lasts approximately 50 – 60 minutes.

Course materials and follow on resources including MP3 files are provided.

Small group, workshop-based programs are also available by negotiation.

To find out more about this exciting and highly beneficial program, or to make a booking for your school, contact us today!