Do some of your students worry too much about their exams?

Does the pressure of exams inhibit some of your students from performing at their best?

Are anxiety levels high amongst some of your cohort?

Is the pressure and stress of senior school starting to take its toll?

Then our small group program Mindfulness for Exam Anxiety may be just what you need.

Why choose this program?

Research shows that anxiety levels are on the increase across secondary schools around the country.

Studies show that approximately 20% of students underperform in exams due to exam-related anxiety.

The cost of high achievement is often borne in silence by students suffering from heavy workloads and high expectations.

Mindfulness for Exam Anxiety can help students to:

  • Better manage the stress and pressure of their studies

  • Conquer exam related anxiety and fear

  • Perform at their best under exam conditions

  • Get the results they deserve for their effort during the year

What will the students learn?

During the program participants will learn a range of easy to use yet highly powerful mindfulness practices including:

  • Breathing exercises and techniques

  • Body scans and muscle relaxation practices

  • Journaling and reflection tools

  • Visualisation

Practical information

Mindfulness for Exam Anxiety
is designed for senior high school students.

It is run in small workshop groups of 8 – 20 students.

The program usually runs over three to five one hour sessions.

It can be run during or outside of school hours.

Ongoing programs are also available.

We are happy to tailor a program to your needs including:

  • Lecture style programs for an entire year level cohort

  • One off style programs

  • Half day programs

We also offer Train-the-Trainer programs to upskill your staff to deliver the program in your school on an ongoing basis.

Don’t let your students suffer excessively from the stress and pressure of exams.

Give them the skills to conquer anxiety and perform at their best in exam conditions.

Contact us today to discuss bringing this powerful and practical program to your school.