Help your students to deal with the mental health impacts of COVID-19.

Specially adapted for COVID Safe live or virtual delivery.

Dealing with the pressures and demands of senior schooling can be tough enough in normal times.

And these are certainly not normal times. The COVID-19 crisis has had a strong impact on the mental health of senior school students.

So we’ve adapted Study Calm to help students build a set of coping skills so that they can not just survive, but thrive and be their very best during these demanding times we find ourselves in.

The program teaches a range of meditation, mindfulness and positive thinking strategies that can help students to:

  • Cope with the extra stress and worry that COVID 19 has brought

  • Reduce anxiety levels in relation to study, home life or personal relationships

  • Maintain focus and concentration in a difficult environment

  • Improve sleeping patterns

  • Build the resilience and coping strategies needed in these uncertain times

The program is based on the principle that by building mental strength and training their mind to remain calm, positive and focused students will be best placed cope with the negative impact and challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Study Calm 2020 can be delivered live to students in a COVID Safe manner, in accordance with government guideline, or can be delivered live and interactive in a virtual environment.

We have a range of delivery options available from single session presentations to multi week / ongoing programs that can be tailored to your needs.

We can happily deliver to full year level cohorts as part of your wellbeing / pastoral program, or can work with smaller, targeted groups of your more in need students.

All of our programs are supported by resources to deliver lasting benefits and empower your students to develop a strong set of coping skills they can use on an ongoing basis.

Study Calm is designed for Senior School students and is perfect for Year 12 or 11 students or as part of an expanded Year 9 or 10 program.

Study Calm has been trusted by Australian schools since 2009 and has been delivered live to tens of thousands of students during that time.

To discuss how we can deliver a program to help your students through these difficult times, please contact us today.

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