Ensure your school is up to date with its child protection policies

One of the fundamental obligations of a school is to ensure the safety and protection of the students entrusted to its care.

Most schools take the utmost care in ensuring their students’ are safe from all forms of abuse, but more can always be done.

However the landscape surrounding child safety and protection and the legislation that underpins it is constantly changing.

For example in response to the Victorian Betrayal of Trust Inquiry the Victorian Government has introduced new Child Safety Standards.

All Victorian schools need to comply by August 1 this year with this legislation, and compliance is an essential component of a school’s Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority registration.

 To help schools ensure their child safety measures meet with best practice standards and remain up to date with current legislation we are proud to offer a range of Child Safety Policy workshops and seminars.


Why do our workshops:

Our programs are delivered in-house at your school and can help you to:

  • Create policies and programs that ensure all children are protected from sexual, emotional and other forms of abuse

  • Implement best practice child safety programs across the entire school

  • Understand your legal responsibility in terms of preventing and reporting child abuse

  • Gain insight into your moral and ethical responsibilities in terms of child safety.

  • Ensure stakeholders and the broader community understand the school’s utmost commitment to child safety.

  • Remain up to date with changes to legislation and reporting requirements


What types of programs do we offer:


We are proud to provide schools with a range of workshop and seminar options. Choose one that best meets your policy needs, or combine them as part of a broader program:

  1. An introductory workshop for school principals, boards and councils to provide context and background in relation to their child protection responsibility under the new legislative regime.

  1. A half – day session for staff and management on the topic of child protection in schools.

  1. A policy writing program to help your internal policy writers develop a best practice program for your school.

  1. A child safety policy audit, after which we will work with you to design a flexible package to meet your school’s needs and budget.

We also offer ongoing consultancy and support to help you develop a practical and effective child protection policy tailored to the exact needs of your school.

Parent information sessions are also available.


About our presenter:


All workshops and seminars are presented by Katherine Levi

Katherine is one of Australia’s foremost experts in Child Protection and Safety. She is the former CEO of the Australian Council for Children and Youth Organisations (ACCYO) where she created a world first training and accreditation system to assist organisations protect children in their care.

She brings to her seminars over 25 years of experience in which her work has been widely acclaimed by Government and Child Protection experts. Under Katherine’s leadership ACCYO developed an online Safeguarding Children training program that has been extensively utilised by government and non-government agencies.

Katherine has taught in the Master of Social Work degree programs at Melbourne University and Monash University and is currently completing her PhD at Melbourne University. She combines her academic endeavours with local and international roles as a child protection consultant.


What’s included in our workshops:


Depending on the specific package chosen, the contents of your program will include:

  • Development of a child protection code of conduct to guide staff and volunteers on safe interaction with children

  • Training to enable your school to implement screening and selection of staff and volunteers who are suitable to work with children.

  • Training designed to provide staff and volunteers with insight in relation to child abuse prevention, for example signs and indicators of abuse and modus operandi of child sexual abusers, factors that decrease risk to children.

  • The development of appropriate resources to strengthen capacity to minimise risk and safeguard children in your school.

  • Training to recognise and respond to suspicions, reports and allegations promptly, effectively, sensitively and within the confines of the law.

  • Confidence that management, staff and volunteers understand their criminal and civil liability in relation to child protection.

  • The development of child safe school culture that continually evolves to reflect on practice that ensure that children are safe.


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Most of us who attended have had prior training in Child Protection; nonetheless, we have found your course to be unique and particularly informative and empowering.  This is an opportunity to hear from an expert with great experience, what practical measures we can, and need, to put into place. Jenny M. Deputy Principal

In this relevant and professional workshop, participants get support to frame and implement best practice policies in Child Protection. Marlo N. Executive Director UJEB


An organisation should never assume that they have covered all bases. Whilst attending your Child Protection training I have been able to feel reassured that our school has an excellent set of procedures in place to ensure the safety of children but it has also helped me to recognise that in some areas we can do even more. David O. Head of Junior School

In dealing with a sensitive and delicate topic, Katherine Levi’s sessions have been most informative and duly sobering, the risks to young people sadly speaking for themselves. Deb S. Student Wellbeing Coordinator


The workshop has been invaluable in helping us to ask ourselves the right questions so we can implement the right policies and practices.  No organisation with children in its midst should miss this. Amy B. Youth Director


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